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Our process is different

Human assisted printing. A human (in specific, one named Julie) will guide you through the process, keeping you informed throughout. Questions? Concerns? You won't get stuck on hold, waiting to talk to an outsourced customer service representative; you won't have to keep re-explaining your job to each new person you reach on the phone. Instead, we have a single dedicated customer point-person: you can call or email Julie at any time and she'll have first-hand knowledge of your job.

A process designed around you, not us. Most printers have designed their process around their own internal workflow. To get something printed with them you need to adhere to their file-prep specifications, rework your designs into their templates, and hope against hope that a human takes a good look at your file to catch any problems before it goes to press. We work with the opposite philosophy. Send us whatever you have, we will make sure it’s ready for print.

FREE file repair. Not sure what bleed and safety are? Confused about resolution? We can help! If it's fixable, we'll fix it. If it's not, we'll talk you though the problem and point you in the right direction.

Transparent prices with no hidden charges or annoying up-selling. Some printers inflate their pricing so that they can run continuous sales. Others will list artificially low prices, then make up the difference with confusing shipping and handling fees. We don't play those games – our prices are competitive every day with no hidden charges!

We catch problems before the file is printed, preventing unpleasant surprises. There are many issues that can cause a file to look fine on screen, but print in unexpected ways. For example: text defined as knockout, shades of blue that will print as purple, etc. In over ten years of printing, we've seen it all. We will use that experience to make sure you'll be delighted with your job.

Easy reordering. We'll hold onto your files, just in case you need more. Say the word, and we'll print more of the same.

tl;dr  - You should use us to print your jobs because we're experienced, we're nice, and we care.